Last updated on 01 February 2022

These Terms of Use (also referred to as “the Terms”, or “Agreement”) contain the terms and conditions on which we ( ”Actuflow”, “the App” or ”Website”,) supply products or services listed on: LINK , through our application and through any other delivery method to you (”the Customer”, or “User”)


The Terms between you and us set out the basic agreement between the parties for the supply of Actuflow products.

Please read the details in these Terms. When you feel confident that you understand the conditions, sign up this binding agreement. Next, you can enjoy a free version of an App or subscribe for a 14-day free-of-charge paid version (by the availability) of your choice, on your iOS or Android device. If you think that there is a mistake or some information is missing for you in the Terms of Use, please contact us via this email: LINK

2. Use of Actuflow

You can use Actuflow App on tablets and smartphones that run on iOS or Android Operating Systems. Some features might not be available without working Internet access. In order to use Actuflow App on your device, you first need to download it via App Store or Google Play and consent to the Actuflow Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Actuflow is an awareness App. It guides its users on how to think of their plans clearly and focus on their activities without distractions. The App was and will always be meant to use for good. Actuflow waives any responsibility for misusage of the Apps’ recommendations like “Intention Score” or “Reflect” notes if you try to use them to intentionally cause harm like pain or harassment to yourself or any other people.

As a part of this agreement, you are not allowed to:

  • Share your account with other people:

By consenting to the Terms you, as an individual subscriber, are granted access to Actuflow Products for your personal, sole usage. Actuflow recommends you to not share your account with acquaintances. Having a clear data makes it possible to customize the App for your needs, and represent your behavioral patterns in “My Progress”.

  • Copy or mimic any Product, Website, or App features or Actuflow in order to build a competitive product, service, or solution;
  • Use Actuflow instead of therapy:

The App is a complementary tool that should help you to access your intentions and actions with critical thinking. Actuflow is not a substitute if therapy is needed or prescribed.

  • Intentionally harm yourself or other people using the App.
  • Own or share the technologies, written materials, graphic design elements, etc.

that belong solely to Actuflow App product or services.

You are allowed but not advised to share your Customer-generated Content (see paragraph 4 of this Agreement) with other people: the textual data you generate within the App belongs to you, meaning you decide whether to make it public or not. Actuflow will keep your information safe as described in Privacy Policy and the Terms. If you choose to voluntarily share your personal account with other people, Actuflow can not take responsibility for the misuse of your data by them;

3. Your Personal Data

We treat your personal information (”Personal Data”) very seriously and do not share it publicly. In addition, the data you share or generate with Actuflow is not sold to any third parties or other product partners. Actuflow does not save, share or sell any information that identifies you.

As a part of this Agreement, you approve the processing and storage of your data locally and on servers of AWS by Actuflow within the EU and the US. You also acknowledge that the countries of storage and processing of your information may have a different level of protection of Personal Data than your country of residence. To find out more, please read section 2 of these Terms of Use and visit our LINK

4. User-generated Content

”**User-generated Content” refers to the information the Customer creates within the App. ****In order to be able to analyse your “Intentions” and provide you with a quality score and improvement advices, Actuflow can view your User-generated Content in anonymised manner(it means that we do not collect, share, nor sell your personally identifiable information). As mentioned it paragraph 2 of this Agreement, you own the rights to your User-generated Content, we can only access it according to your permission.
With your agreement to this Terms of Use, you permit the App to access your User-generated Content for the following purposes:

  • Improvement of your personal usage of the Website, App, and other Actuflow services;
  • Analysis of interaction patterns between the Customer and the App;
  • Support and improvement of current Actuflow products;
  • Research and development of the new features or technologies;
  • Create the personalized suggestions and provide discounts.

5. Age restrictions

Actuflow is advised for the people of age 18+, if you are considered a minor in this regard, or a minor in your country of origin, you must have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to accept the Terms and use Actuflow.

6. Ownership

Actuflow is currently available as a free Basic version and a paid Premium version. By downloading and installing any of those, you agree to use its products for as long as you have them installed, the duration of your subscription (if applies) continues, you read through and understood the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, or for as long as Actuflow provides its services to the open public.

7. Changes to the Terms

Actuflow is a constantly evolving product, which is why we leave a right to change or delete any Features the App provides to satisfy the needs and interests of the Customer or the App.

You can follow the changes in the corresponding topic: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, etc. Any changes will become effective immediately after being posted to our website: Your continued use of Actuflow products will mean your agreement to the Terms or Privacy Policy as changed. Shall any paragraph or a part of the paragraph become void, it does not make the whole Terms of Use an inavlid Agreement.