1. Do you collect any data?

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2. Contact point?


1. Popup window does not appear after unlock.

There are next possible reasons:

  • Application don't have enough permissions. (Notifications permission, Overlay other apps permission)
  • Actuflow mode is off. (There is toggle button in the app with Actuflow mode title)
  • You have Xiaomi device(Check this post, or find in setting "Display pop-up windows while running in the background" and enable)


1. Why iOS version is different?

Apple iOS doesn't allow apps to track lock screen in background so the app is a bit different.

2. What is the difference with Android version?

iOS version does not show a popup window after device unlock. iOS app offers Shorctus automation, that will redirect you to Actuflow app if intentions are not set up and remind you in notification otherwise. The automation can be set up for any app opening.

Check iOS app demo video

Also, there is iOS 14 widget that reminds you to write intentions.