What is it ?

Actuflow(formerly Acture) is an app that helps to be more intentional with devices usage.

Literally, the app is designed and created to prompt the user to write "Why I use the device?" as early as possible before actual usage.

The app is available for Androidю

Android key feature - app pops up right after a user unlocks the device and shows a form that prompts to enter intention before usage.

Why should I care?

We use our devices a lot nowadays. For work, for communication, when we are bored, almost for everything. Sometimes we can be "hooked" into different rabbit holes like social media and games. And we can start using our devices way too much and as a result, it can cause harmful effect on our health.

There is existing software that helps you to decrease your screen time and make a "detox" period after a busy digital world. But we think that digital devices and services are so integrated into our lives, that we shouldn't make a "detox" after them or strictly limit usage. We should learn how to use them more mindfully instead, as useful tools! "Good servant but a bad master" problem.

So, Actuflow introduces an alternative and more smart way to use our devices. With Actuflow you set clear goals for your interactions with devices and services by writing and validating intentions before using them. And we believe that this small habit can move the needle to fix our #socialdilemma and other problems related to human-machine interaction that we are faced in such a disruptive digital age.

For people by people

Actuflow is a side project that was created in our spare time after work and firstly for personal usage. There are no big companies behind and we are here not to get your usage or personal data.

Baked with ❤️ in Ukraine, Lviv.